Lodestar Gambit

Lodestar Gambit Trailer

Designed with both the shoot ‘em up amateur and veteran in mind, Lodestar Gambit will test your reflexes and reaction time as increasingly difficult enemies seek to destroy your ship. As you progress, earn credits to unlock over 100 upgrades of 20 different types to mold your ship into the ultimate space fighter.

Lodestar Gambit incorporates both new and classic mechanics to deliver a familiar "bullet hell" experience, but with a few interesting twists. Each stage contains enemies that utilize one of two particular types of "energy" for that stage. Fortunately, your ship's energy type can be changed (by swiping right) in order to match incoming enemy fire. Absorb the same color to charge and unleash your ultimate weapon (by swiping down), or stay an opposite color on purpose in order to inflict more damage.

As you traverse the galaxy, you will unlock differing energy types to equip, giving you the tools you need to defeat your foes once and for all!

Available for beta testing now!

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